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Things to Know Before You Place Your First Order

Things to Know Before You Place Your First Order
December 3, 2020

moovez will become a new addition to your daily life. This is a new way to move your things, but have no fear – it is a much easier process than you may expect! You might be wondering how moovez works? Well, to answer some of those questions, here is a list of questions you may have!

What is moovez?

moovez is committed to helping people transport their things easier than ever before. Instead of calling a friend, renting a truck, or hiring a moving company, moovez is the new go-to solution when you need help moving things. Whether it is a large cabinet going to a new apartment or a pot of flowers for your grandmother, simply order a driver through the moovez app, and we will make sure the item(s) gets from point A to point B in the quickest time possible. We currently operate in Calgary only, but keep an eye out in the future for further expansion!

How Long Will It Take for A Delivery to Be Completed?

moovez operates through an instant order response process, meaning drivers will be on the road and ready to complete your delivery the second you place it. No more waiting in line at a rental shop. With just a few taps on our app, a delivery driver will be en route to help you out! The delivery time will depend on the distance between pickup and drop-off locations, but our drivers are committed to delivering your items as fast as possible!

Am I Allowed to Be in The Delivery Vehicle with My Things?

Unfortunately, due to our safety and liability policies, you cannot ride in the vehicle with your things. While similar, we are not a ride-sharing app, and can only perform deliveries of objects, not people. However, to put your mind at ease, we have photo evidence built into our delivery process to ensure that your things are picked up and delivered successfully! Pictures of your items are taken at both ends of the delivery process.

How Much Will A Delivery Cost?

There is no ‘set’ delivery fee for each order, as every order will be different based on distance. The fee is calculated based on a number of factors: distance between locations, size of vehicle, and how much labour will be required from our drivers. Smaller orders that travel a short distance will cost less than a large order that travels across the city, for an example.

Will There Be Ratings Like Other Apps?

Yes. Very similar to other apps, there will be a rating system where the customer may rate the driver, and the driver may rate the customer. This will allow for us to monitor each experience for both our drivers and customers, and solve any potential issues that may come up.

Are There Any Restrictions to What Can Be Delivered?

While there are no specific exclusions to what can be delivered, we are not equipped to deal with hazardous materials, extremely heavy loads, delicate antiquities, etc. It is recommended for more specialized deliveries, that may require additional equipment, you look for services focused on those types of deliveries.

How Will I Know Which Vehicle to Order?

When placing an order through our website, you will see recommended vehicle types for certain items. You can also view the approximate cargo capacity of each vehicle type. For most items, the correct vehicle choice will be clear based on the information provided under vehicle specs, but we are more than happy to give additional guidance on which vehicle to select for your delivery!