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We’ve taken the common scenario of that one friend with a truck who always gets called on to help when you need something moved and we’ve opened it up to the world.

moovez was created so that everyone can have “that one friend”, always available and happy to help at the touch of a button. Our mission, with the help of our technology, is to connect customers with registered driver partners to deliver almost anything of any size. By seamlessly connecting users and drivers, a world of opportunities open up. Drivers can use their vehicles and labour to help people that need it and users can free up a little more time in their day to focus on other things.

Our driver partners operate a wide variety of vehicles to suit any delivery. We've eliminated the need to take a trip down to the rental counter to find a vehicle. We come to you. No more lines and no more paperwork. We partner with drivers of privately owned vehicles and business vehicles to offer a full range of delivery options. We also help businesses create a new stream of revenue by better utilizing their fleet.

A message about our CEO

Read about our origin story and vision for the future where we utilize technology to transform the way people move their things.

Now, let’s talk business!

We're also a very good friend for your business. We work with businesses of all sizes to solve their delivery challenges. Retail stores, restaurants, construction companies, gas stations, ecommerce platforms, and more. Whether it’s your last-mile delivery issues or finding a reliable solution to transport inventory each day, we’ve made it so you no longer need to invest in running and maintaining a delivery fleet in-house. Businesses that choose moovez reduce the number of delivery related headaches, save time, and save money. Our unique tech advantage gives your business access to a massive fleet of vehicles. Vehicles which can be scheduled in advanced or booked on-demand for those last minute emergency deliveries. Our multi-stop function allows you to send one vehicle to multiple destinations and our real-time tracking allows you to know exactly where the delivery is at all times. You can cut and significantly reduce the cost of running and maintaining your own delivery fleet. Or you can better utilize the fleet you already have by joining moovez and having each of your vehicles become revenue generators for your business. Each extra delivery earns your business money. Any delivery made on the app is fully protected with auto and cargo liability insurance so you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.