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Why Would I Need moovez?

Why Would I Need moovez?
December 3, 2020

A question you might have is why would I need someone else to move my things? The simple answer is, life gets in the way sometimes. Whether it’s a lack of time, not a big enough vehicle, or any multitude of reasons, we are here to help.

Imagine this, you have a big move planned for a weekend and have to have everything moved by Sunday night. On Friday, a game of softball goes awry, and you throw out your back, leaving you in pain and unable to lift things. Now, usually, this would be a very tough scenario, given the urgency of the move. Well, these issues are not a worry anymore. With a couple taps on your mobile device or computer, we can have a driver arrive at location ‘A’, pack up your things, deliver them to location ‘B’, and drop them off where you need them. We are made to be a solution when life gets in the way!

Say you have just bought a new-used desk off of a second-hand website. It’s the perfect desk to compliment your office space, solid oak, amazing finish. It was a matter of time until fate made sure that desk was part of your office. You grab the money, hop in your car, and go pick up the desk of your dreams. Except when you get there, you find out it definitely will not fit in your vehicle. This desk is perfect, but it doesn’t fit? What ever will you do!?! Simple. Order a cargo van off of our app, load the desk in, and meet the driver back at your home. Don’t let life get in the way of the office of your dreams!

Here’s another real life scenario, a Sunday night hockey intramural game. You and your team, the ‘commerce comrades’ are in the final. Against who? Your arch-rival, the ‘engineering enigmas’. People may say ‘it’s only intramurals!’, but you know that isn’t true. This is as serious as the Stanley Cup. As you wait for your buddy to pick you and your roommates up, you get a text from him. ‘My truck broke down, had to bring the small car’. That’s not good. His car barely fits you and your roommates. Where is the equipment going to go? You start to panic, worried that this will be a nightmare end to a dream season. But, you have no reason to worry. Open our app, order another vehicle for your equipment, meet our driver at the rink, pick up your gear, win the title. Don’t let life get in the way of intramural glory!