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Testimonial Guide/Example
September 3, 2020

I approached moovez because I needed help moving into a new apartment, but being a university student without a car, I had few options to help me out. Given that my schedule was packed with exams and assignments, I didn’t have time to rent a vehicle, and considering all of my friends are in the same boat with not having access to a car, I contacted moovez. moovez helped me greatly, even going to the extent of packing up the items I had left in the side yard of my current apartment, as I was in the middle of an exam when I needed my things moved. They loaded, delivered, and unloaded my things, ensuring they were in safe hands, all while I was busy.

I was surprised at how much was done with just a few taps on my phone prior to going into my exam, and by the time I had finished, the boxes of things I had left were delivered and ready to be unpacked in my new apartment. I can hardly put into words the relief that I felt having my things delivered in such an easy manner, while still allowing me to take care of other things that I needed to get done. The practicality is my personal favorite aspect of using moovez as a service.

With just a tap, a driver was on the way to pick up my things and bring them to my new place, and I usually would have to go through a process of going into a rental place, signing a bunch of paperwork, and doing the labor myself, which can be a whole day process! I would absolutely recommend the service to any of my friends who are in a similar position, as well as anyone with a busy schedule. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we can’t always get certain items where they need to, but moovez makes that process so much easier.