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How To Order With Moovez

December 3, 2020

Being able to move your things has never been easier with the help of moovez. You are able to order a delivery driver with the tap of a button, and it really is as easy as it sounds! However, before you order, let’s go through the process of placing an order so there are no bumps in the road on your way to a stress-free move!

How to Order A delivery

If you haven’t yet placed a delivery through our website, do not worry! It is a super easy process! Here are the steps to follow to place your first order with moovez.

•Go to our website (wemoovez.com) on either your phone or computer.

• First sign up and then log in to your account.

• Input your pickup and drop-off locations, and ensure that the inputted locations are within the moovez range of delivery. You may also add a stop or a return option if needed.

• Select the vehicle you will need for your delivery (a variety of options are available).

• Select your labour, if you will be loading and unloading the items yourself (no labor), or if you will be asking the driver to be load or help load the items (half or full labor).

• No Labour means our drivers don’t have to exit the vehicle, 1/2 means the item(s) take up half the cargo space or less, Full means half the cargo space or more

• Input a discount code if you have one, and then choose a scheduled pickup time or the on-demand (instant pickup) option!

• Once you have made your selection, your order will be submitted to our drivers to accept. It should only take a few minutes to be accepted and just like that, you are on your way to the easiest move of your life!