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What vehicle do you drive?

You must have access to one of these vehicles in order to drive for moovez.

Don’t see your vehicle?

Your vehicle may belong to a subcategory or a NEW category. You can still apply. Our verification team will process your application and put you in the appropriate category or create a new one for your vehicle type so you can start accepting deliveries.

Why drive with moovez?

It’s the perfect side hustle! Make a delivery when and where you want because you’ll be your own boss.

drive as a side hustle to earn Money

Earn money

It’s easy, the more you deliver the more you earn.

Side hustle with flexible hours

Drive on your own time

On the way to and from work, for an hour, a weekend, be your own boss and make deliveries around your schedule.

become a moovez drive easily

Simple registration process

Need to be 21 or older, have a valid Canadian driver's licence and proof of Canadian work eligibility.

moovez driver training

Virtual training

Become a verified moovez driver partner by completing our quick and simple training course online from home.

How does it work?

Step 1
View all orders available for your vehicle type from your Dashboard.
Step 2
Accept the orders you want to deliver.
Step 3
Hit the road and complete the deliveries.
Step 4
Review your earnings and get paid.
how being a moovez driver works


Better understand how your earnings work. Get to know the tools in the app, track your earnings and cash out.

All from your driver’s account.

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    What documents are required to be a moovez driver?

    You will be required to provide a valid Canadian driver's licence, vehicle insurance and registration, proof of Canadian work eligibility and a background check will be performed. We need to screen all eligible drivers in order to keep our customers safe.

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    How do I sign up to be a moovez driver?

    Step one is to apply. Please click on any of the buttons that read: “become a driver”, "apply to drive” or “sign up” to drive.

    Once you have signed up, you will be directed to our application process. Follow the required steps and upload all necessary documents. These documents are required by law. You won’t be able to accept orders until all necessary documents have been uploaded and approved by our verification team.

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    How long does the application process take?

    Typically, filling out basic information (like your mobile phone number, driver’s license, and other documents) takes less than 30 minutes. Then a few more things need to happen:

    Vehicle Inspection: We’ll need to make sure your vehicle meets our basic requirements and fits in the category of vehicle you've applied for.

    Background check: Safety is our top priority, so we’ll need to run a background check to review your driving history. This can take a few days to be completed.

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    When and where should I drive?

    Normal business hours are of course quite good because most people are busy with work so could free up some time during their day by outsourcing delivery and saving on unessential trips.

    Weekends are a great time to target family orders. This is generally the time families will choose to move, do home improvement, declutter and clean, etc. People will gladly pay for a vehicle that show up at their doorstep and saves them a trip to the rental counter or even better does the entire delivery for them.

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    Is moovez safe?

    At moovez, we’re committed to driver and customer safety. We’ve got your back before, during, and after the ride. We've designed a review process for drivers to review the customers. Any customer that behaves in a way deemed inappropriate by our internal code of conduct will be removed from our platform indefinitely.

    24/7 support: Easily contact our support team for reliable, around-the-clock help by phone or email, with any issues on and off the road.

    Emergency assistance: You always have the ability to contact 911 directly.

    Insurance: Our coverage includes liability and car insurance so we quite literally have your back — from the moment you switch into driver mode until you drop off your last delivery of the day.
    Learn more

    We do our best to create a safe work environment for every driver on our platform but we also need you to make a commitment to your own safety. Moving, lifting, carrying and delivering can be dangerous if not done properly. Safe work practices are ultimately what will reduce injuries. Slow down, be careful and stay safe out there.

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    How do I get paid?

    Your pay is based on the delivery distance and if the customer chooses to add labour. Drivers keep 100% of the tips and earn 80% of the remaining transaction. All payouts to the drivers are made through the moovez web app weekly, so you’ll need to add your banking info to get paid. You can also set up Express Pay to cash out when you want.